2017 National Day of Prayer

Reflections from The Chief of Police and City Guests

The Operation Andrew Group (OAG) and The YMCA of Middle Tennessee set about building prayer all around our town this year, specifically on the National Day of Prayer, the first Thursday in May. There were dozens of prayer gatherings, and five that were co-sponsored by OAG and the YMCA, now serving in their 14th year as community partners.

Perspectives were shared from 18 guest speakers during the “Diversity Downtown” program, held at Bennett Auditorium, in the Southern Baptist Convention Building. Key among them was Chief Steve Anderson, of the Metro Nashville Police Department, who offered a brief reflection on Nashville, now ranked the nation's 25th largest city, and how we are fairing.

Three times a year Chief Anderson attends a conference of the Major City Chiefs Association (MCC), gathering the 73 largest cities in the US, Canada and Great Britain together. A colleague recently asked the Chief why he primarily just listens when problems are discussed from the other major metropolitan areas. Anderson said that "if I put our problems on the table, we would be laughed at, because they are so small.”

So, we are blessed, and who is responsible? The answer he gave is, “you are”. The people of this community who continually support one another and love our city. The Chief shared that many of his prayers are already answered.

As Nashville's population continues to grow, strategic efforts to build churches, community networks, and cross-cultural support will increase. Ashford Hughes, Senior Advisor of Labor and Workforce, Mayor’s Office asked that we keep all, both “our city's leaders and those that are the least of these, in prayer.”

The 2017 theme National Day of Prayer Task Force centered on “His Great Name” (cf., Dan. 9:19) and identifies “your city” as the focus. This focus encourages every city to stand united in serving one another, strengthening each other’s “hands for the good work” (Neh. 2:18) each day.

OAG Prayer Chair Pastor Aaron Johnson offered that “we need to build bridges across the historical racial divide, to help brothers and sisters live in Music City, ...not messy city, where we don't work together.”

There are open doors all around us: north, south, east and west. People are longing to know the love of Christ and how wide, long, high and deep is this love that surpasses knowledge (cf., Eph. 3:19).

We all can serve together to remind each other of that reality everyday.

2016 Rodgers Celebration: Civic & Lifetime Achievements Honored

THE JOE AND HONEY RODGERS CHRISTIAN LEADERSHIP AWARDS recognize individuals who demonstrate outstanding personal commitment, as well as excellence in leadership, business, and civic service with a lifetime of devotion to Jesus Christ to improve and enhance quality of life for all.  Past recipients include Miles Ezell Jr., Marty Dickens, Lee Beaman, Sam Bartholomew, Beth Harwell, Lee Barfield and Stuart McWhorter. 

Monday, October 17, 2016, 6:30 p.m., Allen Arena, Lipscomb University, Purchase Tickets

2016 Honorees:  Howard Gentry, Civic Leader, Metro Nashville’s Criminal Court Clerk; Amy Grant, Civic Leader, six-time GRAMMY Awards winner; and Lifetime Achievement to Don Finto, pastor, international speaker and respected author.

2016 Honorees:  Howard Gentry, Civic Leader, Metro Nashville’s Criminal Court Clerk; Amy Grant, Civic Leader, six-time GRAMMY Awards winner; and Lifetime Achievement to Don Finto, pastor, international speaker and respected author.

This is the first time that both Civic leadership and Lifetime Achievement awards will be presented. Join in celebrating three highly distinguished, career leaders who are daily speaking into Nashville's future.


Currently serving as Metro Nashville’s Criminal Court Clerk, Howard Gentry’s civic work began as Metro Council member-at-large, followed by his election as Davidson County’s first African-American constitutional officer, as vice mayor. In 2007, Gentry was a candidate for Mayor and missed the run-off by less than 300 votes. He has been elected to countywide office three times. Gentry’s civic contributions are countless, working through both elected office as well as through non-profit organizations which have impacted poverty, homelessness, adult literacy, workforce development and sustainable health care, among a long list of community accomplishments.


Influencing more than three decades of gospel, pop and folk music genres as a leading singer-songwriter, Amy Grant’s talent and quiet wisdom put contemporary Christian music in the national spotlight. A six-time GRAMMY Awards winner, Grant has six No. 1 hits, three multi-platinum albums and total career album sales exceeding thirty million. She is also admired as a leading community philanthropist with multiple organizations and thousands of lives changed through her unselfish and generous contributions of time and money: “Living matters. Celebrating life matters. Faith is the one thing that stands the test of time.”


Often called a pastor to pastors, Don Finto is an international speaker and author whose most recent book, released in spring 2015, is Prepare! For the End Time Harvest. Finto began his career in ministry in post-World War II Germany (Ph.D., Vanderbilt, in German Literature). He taught at then David Lipscomb College in the ‘60s and ‘70s and later became senior pastor of Nashville’s Belmont Church. A scholar, pastor and author, he founded The Caleb Company in 1996 whose stated mission is to equip God’s people with His heart and purpose for Israel and the nations.


Joe & Honey Rodgers

Ambassador and Mrs. Joe M. Rodgers were a Nashville “power couple” in their work, their faith and their international reach. Rodgers worked in construction, real estate and finance and was involved in projects for clients that included Hospital Corporation of America, Opryland, Vanderbilt Plaza, the Fifth Third Center, the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Schermerhorn Symphony Hall. President Ronald Reagan appointed Rodgers U.S. ambassador to France, after his service on the Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board. Rodgers was one of the visionaries who founded The Operation Andrew Group in the late ‘90s, serving as a board member and early chairman. His goal was to grow a collaborative group of Nashville’s Christ-centered ministries that together would make a stronger impact for Christ in Middle Tennessee. Joe and “Honey” Rodgers have a daughter, Jan Rodgers Dale (Bob), and a son Mason Rodgers (Kelli). They have eight grandchildren. Joe liked to say “Countries aren’t friends; people are friends.”

THE OPERATION ANDREW GROUP is an organization dear to Ambassador Joe & Honey Rodgers’ hearts. As one of the founders, Rodgers saw the need continually to build unity in Middle Tennessee, encouraging all people regardless of denomination, ethnic background, and economic status to come together, helping to transform their communities spiritually and socially.

Oak Project reaches the nerve center of Nashville

Commentary about the growing impact of this unique mentoring opportunity and the experience gained by those involved:

The Oak Project has the potential to impact this city. Reaching into the nerve center of Nashville we are seeking men and women business leaders, experienced and less experienced, in mentoring situations so they can learn from each other. - Rhonda Lowry

Before the Oak Project I was wandering the corporate world in my own knowledge and experience. I came from a very different background. Small town. Conservative. So, stepping into the Oak Project with Nancy Reese was the first time I could see how you can bring God and His Kingdom into the corporate world. I had never seen that before. Nancy dug in so much deeper. I had never heard anyone talk to me about it before. It was a desperate need that I had. - Rachel Figley

In the young guys today, there is no question about their knowledge, but what they need to know is how to introduce your faith into your work – how to follow the ways of Christ. This is what unlocks the power in a career. It is re-enforcing and encouraging to see them at this stage. Whatever they have gained, I have gained ten times. - Joe Hutts

Joe's knowledge has been a huge rock for me. I've called him up to tell him what's on my mind and he's always able to draw it back to the holy spirit. He encourages me that you don't have to have all the answers to go to God. - Nick Burnett

The leadership that Joe provided, perhaps throughout his career, has been one of love and the peace that looks a lot more like Christ than what we regualrly see in the business world. - Chris Kinney

I completely believe we are shaped by the people that we are in relationship with. - Bill Lee

I've been a believer all my life, but [sometimes] there are moments in life when it just clicks. And it clicked. - Jeremy George

The Oak Project provides an opportunity to gain additional experience to be with others who have common goals and aspirations. - Henry Coles, Jr.

As Nashville grows in complexity and diversity, we need Christians to be walking together, hand in hand, and to know each other well. In that way we can be Jesus to our city and give glory to God in our Christian walk, to Nashville. - Rhonda Lowry

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