In The Doorway of a New Year

At Christmas time, a group of Christ followers gathered in the doorway of a small house to pray. The pause was two fold. First, to give thanks for a fifteen year journey serving Nashville, before another New Year arrived. The cross section of people gathered - metro workers, educators, pastors, homemakers, business men and women - represent our community well.  Second, they dedicated the house as new office space for Operation Andrew to continue the strong walk of unity in our city.

OA's purpose is gaining fresh wind as our city continues to grow by an estimated 81 new residents each day. As Nashville is reshaped, so are its needs. To meet those needs, Operation Andrew is formalizing its commitment to collaborative efforts that reach out to all sectors with love and opportunities for engagement.

Rhonda Lowry, OA President, intends keep the doors wide open for relevant conversations, increasing Christians service in education, business and throughout the faith community. "We are seeing increasing understanding among schools and churches to partner with each other to strengthen support and encouragement. This new space allows easy access for people to connect."

The small staff enables team building in all of the programs. Monthly prayer is offered on the first Wednesday of every month.