Honoring Pastors

"Honor those to who honor is due" gives charge to each group, each generation, from Romans 13:7. The Operation Andrew Group celebrates lives given over in service to Jesus Christ, demonstrating a deep love and acceptance of all races and religions throughout his/her years of ministry.

For eight consecutive years a member of the clergy was chosen to join the "Wall of Faith" as the Pastor of the Year. The honoree was invited to an annual banquet held for ministers and their spouses. Each gathering was highlighted with humor and community door prizes, which gave the dinner a levity all its own. In addition to these photos to mark the special event, we would like to provide the individual names of those who have received the life-time achievement award:

David Landrith

William Buchanan

Bob Cook

Don Finto

Charles McGowan

L.H. Hardwick

Bishop Graves

Miller Reed