Oak Project reaches the nerve center of Nashville

Commentary about the growing impact of this unique mentoring opportunity and the experience gained by those involved:

The Oak Project has the potential to impact this city. Reaching into the nerve center of Nashville we are seeking men and women business leaders, experienced and less experienced, in mentoring situations so they can learn from each other. - Rhonda Lowry

Before the Oak Project I was wandering the corporate world in my own knowledge and experience. I came from a very different background. Small town. Conservative. So, stepping into the Oak Project with Nancy Reese was the first time I could see how you can bring God and His Kingdom into the corporate world. I had never seen that before. Nancy dug in so much deeper. I had never heard anyone talk to me about it before. It was a desperate need that I had. - Rachel Figley

In the young guys today, there is no question about their knowledge, but what they need to know is how to introduce your faith into your work – how to follow the ways of Christ. This is what unlocks the power in a career. It is re-enforcing and encouraging to see them at this stage. Whatever they have gained, I have gained ten times. - Joe Hutts

Joe's knowledge has been a huge rock for me. I've called him up to tell him what's on my mind and he's always able to draw it back to the holy spirit. He encourages me that you don't have to have all the answers to go to God. - Nick Burnett

The leadership that Joe provided, perhaps throughout his career, has been one of love and the peace that looks a lot more like Christ than what we regualrly see in the business world. - Chris Kinney

I completely believe we are shaped by the people that we are in relationship with. - Bill Lee

I've been a believer all my life, but [sometimes] there are moments in life when it just clicks. And it clicked. - Jeremy George

The Oak Project provides an opportunity to gain additional experience to be with others who have common goals and aspirations. - Henry Coles, Jr.

As Nashville grows in complexity and diversity, we need Christians to be walking together, hand in hand, and to know each other well. In that way we can be Jesus to our city and give glory to God in our Christian walk, to Nashville. - Rhonda Lowry