Churches commit to a minimum of three year partnership with consideration given to a long-term, strategic partnership.

• The church Partner will appoint a Partnership Coordinator to oversee and cultivate the partnership.

• Partner will sign up as a PENCIL Partner and participate in school-based PENCIL Partner activities.

• Partner will recruit volunteers prior to each school semester. All volunteers will complete a mandatory background check prior to any one-on-one volunteer activity.

• All volunteers will participate in a U4H Orientation Training prior to the first volunteer activity in the partner school(s).

• Partner will encourage and express gratitude to their volunteers to foster community within their partnership.

• Partner will consider and strive towards developing an Advisory Council to manage the activities related to specific goals of the partnership.

• The Partnership Coordinater (or member of the Advisory Council) will record and report volunteer contributions (hours, in-kind gifts, activities performed) to U4H within two weeks of the close of each school semester.

• Encourage volunteers and express gratitude for their service. One way to do this is by providing updates/progress reports.

• Constantly work at building community between the school and your church.

• Access resources for your Partnership all year long - see this example of Celebrate Summer ideas!