There is a famous photograph of the young son of President John Kennedy playing under the keyhole of his Father’s desk in the Oval Office while his Dad, his uncle, Bobby, and about eight other leaders of our country contemplate the possibility of the end of the world during what has become known as the Cuban Missile Crisis.  Young John seems oblivious to the access he has as he plays in that small, dark, space hidden under his Dad’s desk.  All he would had to have done was to come out, grab his Daddy’s hand, and the young lad would have had access to a better understanding what was going on in the world at that most critical time.   We all have access to a power greater than any Oval Office through the daily practice of spiritual disciplines. Jesus would rather have died than for you not to have the relationship with Him that gives you access to a spiritual understanding, power, and authentic grounding in the world today.  We celebrate this week His gift of access.

Most of what we practice as prayer has been reduced to our telling God what we want or need from Him. That is one form of access and yes, a viable one as He longs to hear our heart’s desire. However, His gift to us is greater than simply our talking to God.  In 1 Corinthians 3:9 Paul teaches that we are to be co-laborers together with God. We have been invited into the circle with our Creator and given access to be a part of creating His story. It is like He provides the lead lines and the tag lines and we are free to live out His story as we listen through the disciplines of solitude, silence, and then walk with him through the disciplines of service, worship, hospitality, to name just a few. Yes! You have access to live His story because of what He did on Easter.  

Is it not time we come out of our safe, dark, key holes and embrace His calling in our lives? How would your world be different if you spent even an hour a week in complete silence and solitude listening for your lead line into what He is doing in the world? Tolstoy said, “Everyone wants to change the world; no one wants to change themselves.”  May we be a community that not only celebrates our access but then embraces the change that will no doubt come to each one of us when we have gone from our safe, dark, keyhole like places and we grab the hand of our Father.