How Immanuel Nashville Mapped Their Service at Park Ave.

A Team United

Immanuel Nashville first launched a team of 5 people to serve at Park Avenue Elementary, primarily as "Lunch Buddies" in spring 2017. Over the summer, Ellen gathered this team of 5 to serve as her leadership team. As a group, they decided to adapt their action plan to better fit what their church body could provide to meet the needs of the school. Meeting with the school liaison and the head teachers for literacy and math, the team mapped out a new plan for fall 2017 where their growing team of volunteers could serve as classroom tutors - focusing on literacy and math needs.

 What does your team "look" like?  

 I designated team members to (1) help recruit and communicate with volunteers, (2) help with hospitality in the school for teachers and special events, and (3) be the communication touch-point for our church's prayer volunteers. This resulted in many coming forward to volunteer.

What unexpected things have you discovered?

One of the most interesting results of establishing this team has been that, with the exception of one or two, I did not personally know these individuals prior to them joining our team. The Lord brought us together to serve. We have a variety of backgrounds, ages, and genders. It is a joy to see how this made our team stronger and more committed than if I had just asked a bunch of my friends to join me in this endeavor. The Lord knew exactly who we needed and He provided from the beginning!

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How do you empower your volunteers?

As I have new volunteers interested in serving, I will pair them with a more seasoned volunteer to shadow to get them started. I do work hard to not put more pressure on an individual's schedule than they can handle. This is my approach - keep the main thing, the main thing. Let them do the work they signed on for and not add extras which can be burdensome to an already busy week. When we do meet, I have a purpose behind it and try to not "over-manage" all the phenomenal work they are doing.